Thursday, October 3, 2013

Introducing the Star Catcher Initiative

Today for Theatre Thursday we're gonna talk about a brand new Theatre Group in the Clarksville Area.  It was started by a colleague of mine, W. Riley Braem. This past week I got to see him and his group read "And then Came Tango" for banned books week at the APSU library. I was so intrigued by what they were doing I had to get more information about them. So now introducing the Starcatcher Initiative. 

Starcatcher Initiative is a non profit arts organization which operates as an artist collective. They have different Initiatives such as community outreach initiative that helps focus the work of the organization. Currently there two active initiatives: the banned play reading program and starcatcher productions which allows them to produce events. 
Borrowed from W. Riley Braem

They operate on a project-based model which means if a member of the collective (Staff, Resident Artists, or Associate Artists) has a project that they would like to do and everyone else is in favor then they produce it either as a workshop or as a full production. In return, if a contract is awarded to the artist, Starcatcher Initiative asks that the artist give 10-15% of the contract's revenue to help fund future projects of the organization. 

Does that sound good to you? Well if you are interested in being a Resident Artist with the organization just let W. Riley Braem know. All you would need is a bio and recent headshot/candid photo.

And I can already tell you that their banned play reading series is a must see. Last week's was capped by a lively discussion that really perked my brain right up. 

Wanna know more? Then why don't you go to their website here and find out more. To me it's great that Clarksville is growing more and more in the arts everyday. Hopefully in the next few years there will be much more.  

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