Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Going out and about! #Tourettestuesday

So there's always the problem with Tourettes that you'll eventually have to face reality and go outside. And outside there will always be people. And sometimes those people may be off put by your tics and find them annoying. Sometimes it's hard to find the balance between "I have the right to go everywhere other people do" and "this irritates people".

I went through several bouts of this growing up. I've caused weird looks at church and in the movie theater. I've been kicked out of restaurants and had people kindly walk up to me to ask me to shut up. It's kinda hard to be nice to people and inform them about how much of a jerk they're being. Here are a few of my tips and phrases for dealing with these pesky realities.

My pink crocs bring more looks than my TS these days.
  • "I'm sorry, is it your company's policy to discriminate against people with disabilities"
  • If someone is making a scene about your tics be sure to ask for the manager to complain first. That way your complaint is on record.
  • Be patient with people and educate them whenever possible. 
  • Most managers don't want the bad press: If you're willing to write a letter to the editor of your newspaper or tweet out what's happening online you'll find they're willing to let things go.
  • Be extra polite and civil: Usually if someone is getting irate about your tics and you're very civil and courteous it throws them off guard.
  • Remember that you have a right to be there: With the Americans with Disabilities Act you have all the rights to go where everyone else does. No one can legally refuse service to you or kick you out just because you have a disability.  And you don't need a special ID or bracelet either. 
Don't get put into a shell because of your disability. Get out there and live life and don't let the negative people phase you. It's them that are at fault and not you! 

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