Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fronkensteen's One Year Bloggerversary!

  So exactly one year ago I posted my first post on this blog. I had no idea what I was doing and was just trying to have fun. I said I would have been surprised if just one hundred page views a month. I just knew that I wanted to talk about theater and do some cool things.

Now it's been a year and I've gotten to talk to a lot of cool things and connect with some wonderful new people. I've had the perfect blogging mentor and girlfriend in Dragynally that's given me the best guidance and advice you could ever have. Here we are a year later and I've gotten about ten thousand pageviews a month and am still growing.

Watch me move on to bigger and better things. 
So what's for the future? Well I hope this month to start an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to help my blog go pro. This blog had become an intense passion for me. I'm hoping that by the end of the year I can turn it into a career that helps to support me.

I never thought that I could have merged all my passions into one path but my blog has helped me bring them all into one focus. I've been able to shout out good artists and causes, and still pursue my craft as a playwright and producer. It's been my hope that I'll be able to expand my blog to better distribute my work and get my craft out there. And then there's the fact that I've been able to connect with so many other artists in the meantime.  And it's that collection of passions that keep me going. Thanks to all my readers for helping me grow this year and here are to many more years to come.

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