Monday, October 28, 2013

About Jamming

Here's another one of my video jam sessions. I believe jamming is the key part to learning an instrument or learning anything. It's that tinkering and fiddling around that gets your brain flowing, making connections and taking the fundamentals to the next level. I found out that I learned most of my chops through jamming along.

 Sure the fundamentals and research helped answer some questions but jamming helped me know which questions to ask. It's the tinkering that makes you go, "how does that happen?" Or "how do I make this sound smoother?" And that gets you digging around and talking to some of your buddies next time you get to playing together and then you find a question and go. "Oh, let me try that next time."

It's also about daring to fail and getting out there without the fear of sounding bad. Fundamentals are about learning how to fly, improvisation is about jumping off the cliff. You don't get into the air until you do. So keep trying and dare to fail! And keep jamming!

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