Monday, October 21, 2013

A Tourettes Jam Session 1 #musicmonday

So here's a video that's been a long time coming. For many years as I've learned to play music people always ask me how I learned. And the thing that I say that perplexes them always goes along the lines of, "Tourettes was my teacher". Yeah sure I learned a lot of fundamentals by watching Youtube videos and I did read a book or two but the greatest motivator and tutor that I had was the deep need to relieve this extra energy that Tourettes gives me.

I just focused as much of my energy as I could into the instrument and playing the music and I found that without thinking about it things just started flowing out of me. I found that more of the scales and the tempos and the melodies were just ways to channel that energy into making better music. So I just started playing music and learned the fundamentals later.

And then I found through my studying that when I learned fundamentals and tricks it really just helped me find my style. I found that the simplicity of the open tunings and pentatonic scales kept my Tourettes from having to think. The less strings that I used the simpler it was. I figured that if music was  my therapy then I should make sure there were as few things between my Tourettes and making the music as possible.

So that would be my advice to you. When the music everyone else is playing is getting hard for you  focus more on playing the music that's easy for you. Take one string and just see how you naturally play music. When you find your natural style you can then begin to study to find the fundamentals and the style that's right for you. Just keep playing.

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