Thursday, October 31, 2013

27 Days is getting it's world premiere! #27daysplay

So 27 Days is getting it's world premier in Roanoke tomorrow. I never thought that within six months of writing it that it would be getting on a stage this soon. It started out as an idea in my head that this was a cause that needed a voice. That this was a hidden population that needed to be brought to light. And I set out with an idea that I could right a play in 27 hours for this cause. It was a super crazy idea that drained a lot of out of me but at the end of the day something odd and magical happened to me.

And then that raw material of the rough draft was fired in the most intense development fires I can ever know at the Playwright's Lab at Hollins University. I met just the right group of ladies to get a great reading and got some of the most supportive and intense feed back by my Hollins family.

A publicity image from the World Premiere. Borrowed from Troupe 30 C and Brandon DuMonde
And now it's getting out there on it's own. It's in the most capable hands of a dear colleague and I know it's going to be great. My only wish is that I could be there.

But is this where the story ends? Not in the least. Now it's your turn. In the year 2014 I'll be launching 27 Days' World Premiere Year! I'll be pushing to raise as much awareness as I can for human trafficking and striving to get 27 Days 20 productions by December of next year. And you can help me by getting the word out as much as I can. You can read the script on my "Plays for a Difference Page" and then you can pass it on to someone else. And if you believe that you want to take a step further and be one of the twenty people that produce the play then email me and let me know.

Me in the feedback session for 27days first public reading. 
I want this to start from the bottom up and connect with as many people I can to help launch the movement. It's not about getting a lot of productions to help my career it's about getting the play out where it can help end Human Trafficking in our lifetime. So will you join me in this? Will you join the conversation and help shine a light on slavery?

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