Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Writer's Wednesdays: How should you use Writing Prompts

So I like Writing prompts. One of the things I like better than finding a good writing prompt is writing my own. But you may be like a couple of people who have asked me "how in the world do I use a writing prompt?"

Well let me first say that there are two points of view when it comes to the writing prompt. Some people believe that a writing prompt should be followed to the letter which I whole heartedly believe but there is some credence to the idea that it's like pulling the cord on the motor that is your brain. Once the motor starts running you stop pulling the cord.

Get the Words on the Paper!
A writing prompt can be like a literary sudoku where you wrack your brain trying to get all the little things to match. And that's all well and good. But a writing prompt is also not a play. It's a way of getting you to shut off the part of your brain that is doubting and turning on the part that is getting words on the page. A rough draft is more like making sketches on a pad. It's what you look at and say "oh, there's a painting in there somewhere".

Like a rough draft you're eventually going to rewrite it. It's revisions where the play is going to be made. The writing prompt is where you have fun and get the words out there. The work comes later. Enjoy the fun while it lasts.

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