Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Writer Wednesdays: The 5 Cubed Prompt

Introducing a new prompt for Writer's Wednesday! In this prompt you have to write a play with 5 scenes that are five pages long with five things to accomplish in each scene. Hence the title "5 Cubed". Can you accept the challenge? If so please let me know in the comments and I'd be happy to read it. And now without further ado...
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The 5 Cubed Prompt

Scene 1:

Create a monologue with the following w
ords: Baptism, Preacher, Thief, Violin, Barn

Include a rant from a Facebook Friend

The character in a hat must hold a gun.

A pan of scalloped potatoes is getting cold.

A character butchers a one corrects him

Scene 2:

Monologue Words: Wade, Tent, Trick, Music, Pig

Include a random Tweet from an enemy.

Two characters discuss the finer points of twerking.

In interpretive dance the word "credence" is defined.

A banana peel isn't tripped over.

Scene 3:

Monologue Words: Brook, Car, Steal, Banjo, Cow

Take inspiration from a Pinterest photo.

The character in the hat's gun goes off.

No one believes what is said for the next minute.

One character reveals their secret catchphrase.

Scene 4:

Monologue Words: River, Bible, Weasel, Fiddle, Farm

Include that random tweet that you want to say but won't

Three characters celebrate an "un-funeral"

A chicken is choked.

Humanity sinks to a new low.

Scene 5: 

Monologue Words: Wallow, Church, Lie, Twang, Horse

Include a rave about your favorite actor.

The Character in the hat raves about why that character could never play Rat Woman.

It is revealed that the character in the hat is bald

Someone is forced to line dance.

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