Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Writer Wednesdays: The 4x4 Prompt!

Here is a Writing Prompt for the next time you go to the Library. Now follow this prompt and see if you can write a four scene play with the following things...

Scene Themes:

Go through the stacks of the library and pick a book. The title of that book is the "theme" of your first scene. Every time you go to a next scene go four shelves down, four sections over, and pick the fourth book on the shelf and that title will be the theme of your next play.

Next come your scenes. Each scene will have a different objective.

Scene One:

Go to the fourth chapter and take every fourth word and write it down.
Work each of those words into a ten minute monologue.

Scene Two:

Take every fourth sentence from a new page.
Work these sentences into a 10 minute scene between two characters.

Scene Three:

Take four pictures from a book.
These pictures become four actions that have to happen in your next 10 minute scene.

Scene Four:

Take the title of every fourth chapter.
Those titles become topics of conversation in a two person dueling monologue.

And remember that a prompt is more about sketching and mental sudoku than getting a "finished play". Feel free to open up to the possibilities. You can rewrite later!

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