Monday, September 9, 2013

FYI If you're a Teen Boy(Fronkensteen Style)

So there's been an article rolling around about a mother that wrote an open letter to the facebook friends of her teen boys. She was talking about the concept of teen girls taking selfies of themselves in their rooms or in their jammies. She got very down on the fact that girls were taking pictures of themselves and that her boys were being barraged by these images.

Because when boys take selfies girls don't notice at all!
Well here's my list to the teen boys in question:
  1. You're temptation about women is not their fault: Yes you will be stimulated by women until the day you die. That's your body doing what it does naturally. But just because you look doesn't mean it's their fault for being there.
  2. Be the boy that a girl deserves, not the ones they're warned about: Imagine someone looking at your sister, mom, or close female friend the same way you look at other girls. How does that change your outlook?
  3. A woman is not there for your amusement: what they want to post on their social media is their business. But you are not to treat them like they're only there for you to get a thrill.
  4. Be a friend before being a boyfriend: Have you ever sat down and had a conversation with a girl before you tried to date them? Do you try to appreciate their brain over their body? 
  5. Act like your momma raised you right: Regardless of what people say you are not just horndogs looking for women to hook up with. You are responsible for your actions. Just as all girls are responsible for theirs.
  6. Treat them with respect: Trust me when you treat a woman like she's the beautiful creation of God that she is and show her just how precious that she is to you she'll love you more than anything.
  7. Stop being macho: If you think that something that a girl says is insulting your masculinity then you didn't have it in the first place. 
  8. You need some modesty too: If you look at all the girls' pj selfies out there and think they're sluts but you have a hundred shirtless photos of you flexing your pecs in the bathroom...well you may have a problem.

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