Thursday, September 12, 2013

10 Reasons People Produce Shakespeare

Borrowed from Darren Michael

Ten Reasons People Produce Shakespeare (but won't tell you)

  1. It's cheap: You don't pay royalties to a dead man. (Yay public domain!)
  2. All actors dream of playing Shakespeare: Who wouldn't want to be among the small group of actors to play Hamlet or Macbeth? People line up to audition!
  3. Directors and designers love to mess with Shakespeare: Shakespeare plays are one of the few plays that you can put you own little conceptual spin on. Want to set King Lear on the moon? Go for it!
  4. It's audience bait: It's kinda on everybody's bucket list. Even if you don't like the theatre you have to get dragged to see Shakespeare at least once. And many schools love to bus kids in to indoctrinate them in the words of the Bard.
  5. Large Cast: So it's free and the average cast is about a million people. (The smallest I've seen is Othello that can handle eight.) Especially for high schools this means you can cast a million people as spearchuckers and ladies in waiting.
  6. Shakespeare can't sue you: You can ruin the entire play and mess with it all you want and the playwright can't sue you or even strangle you. An English Teacher might but when have you listened to them since you've graduated.
  7. Sword fights: Can you name any other play where you get to swing steel at another person and get away with it?
  8. No one can understand it anyway: If you get it wrong, well what normal person could understand it anyway?
  9. It get's you grants: Since it can qualify as an educational component most theatres will add it in to get extra grant money.
  10. Borrowed from Darren Michael
  11. It's tradition: Every theatre and theatre person has done at least one Shakespeare play in their life. It gives a common bond between us and stories to tell over cocktails after rehearsal. In the culture that is the regional/community theatre world it's the duck tape that binds us together. And that's why we all love that Billy Shakes. <3

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