Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Revision: Digging into your script

When you're done with your rough draft and ready to find out how to rewrite it use a trick that I have found useful. Read through the play once or twice and make notes on the side. These could be things like "this character doesn't work" or "this scene runs slow".  Now when you start to rewrite take four of the notes  and try to apply them into the revision. Now take another four notes and your rough draft and start to apply them in a completely new rewrite. Now you have two completely rewrites of your play.

Where am I going with this? Well now you've been able to remove your play from your own mind and biases and see it objectively. Now you can take the bits and pieces of each draft that you like and start a whole new draft.

A new play by Mr. T Of Mice and Fools I Pity
Borrowed from Movie Web
Sometimes we get too wrapped up in creating a full final draft that we stop trying to explore in our rewriting. We don't have to worry about getting stuff right that we don't want to think about writing a draft that is immediately going to have to be rewritten. So my advice to you (and myself sometimes) is don't worry about it. Go crazy in your drafts and explore all of the possibilities!

How far can you take it? Kill a character, swap genders, change ages and back grounds. If something sounds off in the script write a draft with the opposite thing happening. In the end you'll be able to better see what is waiting deep in the heart of your play that's ready to be unearthed! Keep digging and stir it up! when you do you'll find the dramatic gold!

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