Friday, August 16, 2013

27 Days Update: The Next Step of Production

So It's been a hectic ride since the last time we talked about 27 days. It's been a wild ride. Since the last time it's been through a lab reading at my grad residency this past summer. The Lab is a class where selected playwrights stage their work in a reading and then receive feedback on it. It's a massive learning experience! You learn how to be quiet and take criticism and really listen to what an audience has to say about what they see in your work, often things that you never saw. It also teaches you how to be a good observer as an audience member so that you can give better feedback to a playwright about their work. All in all it teaches you how to be a better developer of your work and a better observer of other people's work.
The wonderful actresses getting ready for their reading.

Anyway it had a great reading by two of my favorite colleagues and the response to it was even more epic! It was humbling to see how many people were touched and all the stories people were able to share how Human Trafficking as a whole had affected them.

And so 27days has gone a long way from being an idea in my head to something that people are connecting to as a piece of art. I'm steadily working on a revision and soon I hope to be delivering news about a world premiere production.

Ever the nervous playwright. Borrowed from the Hollins Facebook Page. Taken by Chad Runyon
So what are my goals now? Well hopefully on top of getting a few initial productions of it and making sure that the script is sound I'll be trying to find some ways to distribute it to the kind of organizations who would want to use it to raise awareness or stage it for a fundraiser.  There is also the option of raising the money for a few big productions across the country. As more develops I'll let you know and I hope to let you know very soon! And you know I'm going to continue to find even more causes out there to shout out! So stay tuned!

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