Tuesday, June 11, 2013

MFA Diaries Tuesday June 11

*Important note: I am only affiliated with Hollins University as a student. They don't pay me for all the neat things I say about them. I gladly do it for free and my opinions are my own!

As of right this moment I'm hot, sweaty, and my mind is all in a tizzy. I'm leaving for Atlantic City to see DragynAlly tomorrow at 11 and then we're going to drive to grad school from there. I have a million things left to do before I leave and now I'm doing a kind of triage in my head about what really needs to get done and what can be left for my brother to do. (Brothers, gotta love em!)

All my brothers and sisters in the Playwright's Lab
I've been going to grad school at Hollins University's Playwright's Lab for three years now so I should be used to the dreaded "day before the leave". The first year I was panicked. I had never been to a new city all by myself, not knowing anybody or where anything was. I knew that grad school was going to be different and I was fresh out of undergrad. Just four weeks previous I had just graduated from Undergrad at Austin Peay State University. Boy I was nervous. I was always wondering if I was going to be good enough. What if I was just a talentless hack with no future as a playwright? What if I had learned to do everything the wrong way in undergrad and I was hopelessly unprepared for grad?

That soon dissipated quickly. The one thing I love about the Playwright's Lab and it's environment is that it's non-competitive and laid back. You're learning from powerhouses of the theatre world like Mac Wellman and Mead Hunter and have great guest professors like Bob Moss, Ruth Margraff and John Bergman. If you're a die hard playwright and love to hone your craft the Playwright's Lab is less like a school and more like a getaway, an intense retreat where all you have to do is pursue your craft and hone your skills and do what you love with other people that love what they do. (And on top of that you get graded for it!)

Me and my babycakes!
If you had asked me that first year I would never have told you that a place other than Clarksville would be home. But today as I'm sitting here at the computer, literally 24 hours away from stepping on the bus, I just feel that nervous anticipation of someone knowing that they're going home again. I'm going to be seeing my extended theatre family again and be with DragynAlly for the most glorious seven weeks ever.

Yeah...I'm going home.

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