Monday, June 17, 2013

MFA Diaries: June 17th

So it's Monday. The first day that the summer session officially starts but I've already had such a great adventure. Last just last wednesday I was on a greyhound bus on the way to New Jersey to see my baby DragynAlly. To some of you that might not seem much but I'd like to add that I am a born and raised southern boy. I've never been north of Louisville or west of the Mississippi. So for someone like that the bus ride up to New Jersey would have been enough of an adventure for the whole summer. I saw Cincinnati, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Atlantic City all from the beautiful vista provided by the windows on that bus.  Just me, my cigar box guitar, and my best friend Magilla (the stuffed gorilla) on the road together to see my baby-cakes.
Me getting comfortable with Dana's baby Star
Now I have a confession to make. I used to say before I saw the north that you could never get the same country feel that the South has. I'm a podunk Metro Jethro. I love wading in the water with a reel in my hand and walking down the city streets in search of the perfect pizza. I love it all. But I never thought that a northern town would ever have the same feel of the country that I was looking for. When we got to DragynAlly's hometown of Mays Landing it was one of the most podunk towns I've ever seen! (And coming from me that's a major compliment). There were fishing holes not half a mile from her place and littles mom and pop diners. And just the feel of it all was very redneck. Nothing will ever replace the South but part of my heart will always be in North now.

She tackle hugged me the minute I got off the bus.
So it's weird to not even have started school and already feel a sense of accomplishment and piece. I already know that if the rest of the summer holds up like this it's going to be one of those years to remember.

My first slice of Northern Pizza. It is the best!
*Important Note: The only affiliation I have with Hollins University is as a student in the Playwrights Lab. They don't pay me to say nice things about them and all of the nice things I say about them are my own.

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