Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to Write a Play Part One

So I talk a lot about writing playwriting and playwright problems but I've never tried to teach my dear readers how to write a play. Now this won't be the equivalent of taking some serious writing classes in a school or something but it will show you how to use the Playwright's Primal Blueprint that I keep talking about to get a draft out in a matter of weeks. So like every good class let's talk about the syllabus.

What's Required?

  • An unhealthy love of crazy ideas.
  • A pen and paper.
  • Time
  • A sense of what a good story is.
  • Things that irk you.
  • Something to talk about.

How's it going to work?

  • Each week we talk about the next step in writing a play. Each week will feed into the next. 
  • I give some examples and practical applications of the theory.
  • Then I give you some homework to write about the next week. This will come into two basic components: A journal type assignment and a scene or creative assignment. 

So what am I getting out of this?

Well hopefully you gain some valuable knowledge about what comes into writing a play but you if you follow along and do the homework you'll have a rough draft of a thirty minute play (we call them one-acts). Then having written a play you can finally call yourself a playwright! So stay tuned next week where the fun begins!

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