Thursday, May 30, 2013

What I'll remember forever? May blog challnege

So today I wanted to talk about the memorable moments in my life. There are some moments that we forget as quickly as they happened. Then there are somethings that stay with us forever. Here is my list...
  • The love of good friends.
  • The look of love in your sweetheart's eyes
  • The kindness of strangers
  • The warmth of a loving smile
  • The strength of family
  • The hope of a nation
  • The faith of a child
  • The silliness or two people devoted to crazy ideas
  • The feeling of exhilaration after accomplishing a goal.
  • The love of my great readers! :)
So how does your list stack up? Yours doesn't have to be that deep and thoughtful. Everyone remembers different things!

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