Friday, May 10, 2013

Tautology by Corey Garrett: A Senior Art Exhibit Review

So many of us experience anxiety we tend to go out for a vacation, take a walk in the park, or hit the gym. Corey Garret, a graduating senior at Austin Peay State University, poured all of that into his work. And the product of that work was "Tautology" a senior gallery exhibit in the Student Gallery of the Trahern Building on the APSU campus. Corey, who graduated last week with a BFA in art at APSU, says that working on this project was "dealing with personal problems with a peaceful method."

I'll admit that I stumbled upon Corey's exhibit. I was trauling around Trahern (it was my second home during my tenure there as a theatre student) and while I was looking around The Living Gallery someone told me that I just had to go downstair and look at his work. And when I got there I knew that it wasn't a mistake! These prints from Corey have a beauty and love in them that gave them a life of their own. Some artists learn the craft and make pretty pictures but don't leave any of their soul in it. Looking at these works I know that he left a part of himself with every piece.

Tautology means a fallacy in someone's logic. Sometimes we make statements that correct themselves or offer self-defining propositions. These are themes that Corey explored in this exhibit mixing old documents and diagrams, magazine ad cutouts from the fifties and sixties. And when he combines these things together you get this clean, beautiful, and sometimes downright macabre feel from it.

Want to know where you can see more of Corey's work? Well if you live in the Nashville area you can take a look at his exhibit in July at Frame Maker with Alexander Wurts. You can also see some of his artwork at his tumblr here. He's certainly an artist that I'm going to be following. Don't be surprised if this guy goes very far!

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