Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sprinting towards the Finish Line: Playwright's Primal Blueprint

So today for Writer's Wednesday we're going to talk about speed. Sometimes when you're writing a play you want to take a long an luxurious route into getting the play finished. Then there are times when you have your inspiration, you've got a part of your draft done, and you just need to get to a good milestone in the play. Maybe it's getting to the end of a scene, an act break, or the end of the play.  Sprinting is very good for you in your writing. It teaches you how to streamline your process and get better each time. Think about it, you've been working on an act for maybe three weeks. Then all of a sudden you decide that you need to get it done by the end of the day. It hones your thought processes and makes you think about what's important in the story. All of a sudden the story is getting done and is finished before you know it.

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What are the benefits? Well when you know what it takes to get the story out in an hour, what you need for your creative process to happen quickly and efficiently, then you'll be even more efficient for your next project. Sprinting in your writing helps you become a better writer!

So is there a way that you can really test your sprinting powers? Well you can try a 24 hour play festival where you write a ten minute play in an eight hour period and get it produced the following day. At my grad school they have a class called First Drafts where you write a full play in 72 hours for six weeks. I wrote my new play "27 days" all in 27 hours. Did it almost kill me? You bet! But its these times when you actually start pushing yourself that you start to know where your breaking limit is and what you can do in a certain amount of time. And plus it feels so much better when you've actually hit that milestone that was looming ahead or getting a play done in a time that you thought was impossible.

So what can you do in a short amount of time? What can you get done if you push yourself? Get to that computer and go crazy!

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