Thursday, May 2, 2013

My next Big Project: May Blog Challenge

So as a theatre person work is either over too soon or lasts forever. And it's always the good ones that are over too soon.

So there's always being the question being asked... What are you going to do now? So let me tell you now about the next project or so that I'm going to be working on, or the next step.

Everyone remembers that on Shine a Light on Slavery Day I wrote a completely new play for the movement called 27 Days. It was fun and a wonderful experience. So what do we do now? Now that the play is written what are you going to do? 

Well the next step is that it has to be developed. This would mean getting it into readings, submitting it to festivals and other companies. Also I would love to start getting a media kit up about it and get other bloggers, friends of the movement, and other people out there talking about it.  

And then what happens after it gets a few readings and people talking about it? Then come the productions. A lot of theater companies that do new works are only concerned with the "world premiere" that means after the first production some companies won't be interested in it anymore. But playwriting is usually a month of writing, a few months of development, and a lifetime of promotion.

And I haven't ruled out the option of self production, setting up an indiegogo campaign and trying to get sponsors for a regional tour. Or just trying to take it to as many groups as will have me. And the internet provides you with many tools that you can use to get people listening and talking. So keep your eyes and ears open because you might see photos and videos coming up soon! 

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