Thursday, May 16, 2013

5 things I did today: May blog challenge

So today we're talking about lists. We all have our lists and our To Do lists... what we achieved for today and what we accomplished that gave us a warm and fuzzy feeling. So here's a list of five things that I did today that I feel are the greatest. 

#1 Quiet Time

I make no attempt to hide my religion and personal faith. Often times I don't get to spend much time in the morning just meditating and thinking about all the good things that god has done for me. I sometimes just sit reading my bible or watch video sermons on Youtube, but the greatest thing is me taking the time to spend one one one time with my Creator. Whatever you believe in life I hope you spend some time in reverence for what made you!

#2 Changing my Social Media Passwords

There has always been a saying about passwords that made me giggle. "Passwords are like toothbrushes, they should be strong, personal, and changed every six months" For a while after starting my blog and getting serious in social media I worried about security. So I started studying what makes a safe password and started changing all of mine as often as I can. Two things to keep in mind: a mix of numbers, letters, and special characters makes a strong password. And a strong passphrase takes a hacker forever to get through because he can't just guess it.
Borrowed from Smart Signin

#3 Talking with my Sweetie

I really think that people go their entire days without thinking about the people that they love. My day wouldn't be complete without spending some time with my smoking hot gf DragynAlly! When ever we talk to each other and spend some time being with each other it makes the long distance between us feel right around the corner.

#4 Changed to a Standing Desk

When you have a home job like mine where you spend most of your time sitting at a computer trying to write you end up having a lot of strain on the back and are more likely to gain weight and have muscle atrophy. So today I started trying a standing desk that allows me to do all of my work standing up and keeping active. This is my first day trying it so I don't know if it's necessarily for me but it should sure beat sitting at my desk all day until my legs went numb. For those that don't want to chip in for a standing desk just do what I did and find an old wine crate to place on your old desk. You can put your computer on that and have another bookcase for books and files that you need to have on hand. And be sure to think about getting a sturdy stool when the standing gets too hard on the calves!

Borrowed from Writer on the Prowl

#5 Interval Workout

One of the greatest resources for health and exercise was a blog called Mike's Daily Apple. That's where I first learned about the Primal Blueprint Diet and good exercise ideas. One of those was interval training. So you like to work out but feel like you're not getting too much out of it in terms of weight loss? Trying doing spurts of working out with maximum effort with periods of resting. Can you lift weights for one minute and rest for thirty seconds? Can you sprint as fast as you can and rest for a minute our so. The science says that people who do interval training for thirty minutes a day fare a lot better in weight loss than the people who go all out for an hour at the gym. You don't put your body through so much strain and you don't overeat as much afterwards. 

So that's if for my list for today. When I look back on it it seems like I did a lot. Sometimes all we have to do is look back on some of the positive things we've done and it doesn't seem like a wasted day at all. Have fun everybody and go crazy! 

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