Wednesday, April 3, 2013

#WriterWednesday: 10 Things you don't know about Me #newplay

So for this week's Writer's Wednesday I wanted to start off with one of the prompts from DragynAlly's April Blogging Challenge. As playwrights we have each our own styles and preferences. As Charles Mee says, "Society writes us, then we write the play". I find it funny when you see a playwright list their world-views and philosophies and then reread their work to see how their work changes without that knowledge. So without further ado here are some of the things that make me...!

10 Things You Don't Know About R. S. Young

  1. I started writing plays to pass the boring down time in High School: My highschool teacher was very supportive of me. Her husband was a playwright too and we did lot's of productions of his plays. This inspired me to write some of my first plays on my school notebooks when I was bored in class.
  2. My favorite playwrights are Neil Simon, Arthur Miller, Christopher Durang, and the Husband and Wife team of Cherie Bennet and Jeff Gottesfeld 
  3. I find inspiration in the theatre I hate: There are a few playwrights that I hate. I won't name them because Theatre is a small town and we might end up working together someday. I found out that a lot of the playwrights whose plays I hated the most were the ones that I always quoted. I found that sometimes the best dramatic theories are wrapped up in the plays that we struggle the most with. I hate them but there is always something that keeps me coming back.
  4. I love Shakespeare's stories but I don't love how people worship the scripts and the wordiness. There are several great playwrights, directors, and theater's that are doing great work with his plays in the modern era. But his scripts today are literature, his stories still make great plays.
  5. I love/hate staged readings: They're good for getting your play out their to producers and is great as a development tool but a reading does not equal a production. Theatre companies that think they're giving apprentices, interns, and young playwrights a break with a staged reading are only lying to them. if they were being honest they should really say, "we think you're important but we really don't want to spend the money on a production for you"
  6. I read a lot of realists but I love the experimental work too: If you asked me I would say that I'm an impressionist or expressionist. I don't care about the realism in my plays but the actions and ideas flowing out. Every writer makes their own subjective reality onstage. The rules of the real world may or may not reply.
  7. I believe theatre can happen on the back of a truck. I believe it can happen in a large stadium. Theatre can happen everywhere. 
  8. I'm always looking for better ways to support artists: Many of the ways that playwrights have been supporting themselves (the traditional method) is royalties and publishing. I've been wondering if there isn't a way to value the PROCESS of play writing rather than the PRODUCT. This may be from residencies, teaching engagements or more...I'm still finding it out.
  9. I believe that adaptations of classic works get a bad rep. There are several great books and movies that really deserve it but no one wants to touch.
  10. I would rather have a play of mine produced in a tiny blackbox with a enraptured audience than a stadium full of people who don't care.

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