Friday, April 5, 2013

Theatre Rant: 10 things that describe the Lounge!

So hey guys! Love the Lounge? Are you one of my blog stalkers or just a random visitor who just walked in? Well welcome to the Fronkensteen Lounge! So you wanna know what it's about? Well here are ten things that are essential to the Lounge's unique brand of craziness!

10 Things about the Fronkensteen Lounge!

  1. Reviews: Great reviews of awesome shows and events.
  2. Rants: Ravings about what's hot or not in the theatre world!
  3. New Plays: Written and posted by R. S. Young
  4. Artists: Great profiles of up and coming artists!
  5. Upcoming: News about upcoming Fronkensteen events!
  6. Crazy ideas!
  7. Wacky Worldviews!
  8. Prompts: Kickstarters for the writing brain!
  9. Tips: Writing tips and how-tos.
  10. Insane: Because to work in the theatre and write about it requires some craziness!
 So that's all folks! Why don't you kick your shoes off, click on the links in my sidebar of my most popular blog posts, and stay a while! I hope you'll find my brand of crazy to your liking. But be wary: the craziness can be contagious!

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