Thursday, April 4, 2013

#EndItMovement Update: Are you ready to Shine a Light? #27daysplay

Are you ready for the End it Movement? Are you ready to shine a light on slavery? You may or may not have seen the Movement's national commercial on the History Channel or online but let me tell you guys, I was pumped!

Are you ready to do what you can to Shine a Light on Slavery on April 9th? If you've been reading my blog you know that I'm going to be up for 27 straight hours, that's one hour for every million people out there living under the weight of slavery, and writing a new play to be used as a tool for any group to use to raise awareness or funds for the cause.

So how do you follow what I'm doing? Well it helps to follow me on twitter here. You can also follow the hashtag #27daysplay to see live updates, photos, and maybe video. And at the end of it all I'll be posting my new play for everyone to see here on the blog. And I want to hear from you while I do it. I'll be on my social media all twenty-seven of those hours tying to spark a conversation for anyone that would care to listen that slavery will not allowed to exist in my lifetime. Together we can come together and raise a voice that will tell everyone that we are in it to END IT!

You should also follow all the stuff that the End it Movement and their partners are doing on twitter and the other social media sites. The movement's website has a lot of suggestions about how to sport the movement's red "X" and other great ideas to shout the movement out.

But more important talk just talk! Share some links, tell all your friends! And stop by my Twitter and Facebook and talk to me. I'll be happy to share my thoughts with you and be grateful for any encouragement I can get!

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