Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fools from Fonkensteen Lounge

Fake Breaking Up is Hard to Do!

So everyone who reads my blog and the blog of my smoking hot girlfriend will know that we are hopelessly in love. We've spent so much space on our blogs telling y'all how much we love and admire each other.

Well now for a confession....

DragynAlly and I decided to be naughty on our Facebooks (get your mind out of the gutter people) and  "break up" with each other on Facebook as an April Fools joke. We soon discovered, other than that we are both very silly people, that friends and family came out of the wood work in either support or defense of us. We learned a lot of things from this prank but the top four are...

Yes we are very much together!
  • We love each other very much: It was the hardest and most painful thing to push that relationship status button. We were messaging and skyping the whole time but it was still one of the more painful things...just contemplating the fact that we could someday break up.
  • We are idiots: We are both writers and love a good story and we never created a back story. Don't try to ask us because we don't know who dumped whom and who cheated first. For two writers we have the most narratively flat break up story ever!
  • We are both evil: We kinda planned this off and on since January. At first it started out as a "what if" kind of statement and then as we kept talking about it it seemed like the coolest idea ever! DragynAlly and I are both silly people with silly ideas and are always coming up with these Pinky and the Brain style schemes. That's what we first found out we have in common.
  • We have the best friends in the world: we had four groups of friend reactions during this prank. We had the people who suspected right away because they knew us too well. We had the comforters that wanted to tell us it was all okay. We had the defenders (mainly on DragynAlly's side) that were ready to kick butt for us. And finally we had the quiet supporters who just "liked" all the rants we posted on our wall. All of these people were great and we really found out who our friends are!
You think I would break up with this? I'm not crazy!
So it's funny that us pulling this mean and super cruel prank was the one thing that really strengthened our relationship. We also know that we will never do it again. The thought of us even breaking up was too painful for us even after we laughed forever because of it. It was really fun...but we can't do the same trick twice. We love eachother and on April 2 we'll be back together as if nothing ever happened, because nothing did. 


Dr. Fronkensteen and DragynAlly!

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