Friday, April 19, 2013

April Blog Challenge: Stagehand Flashlight #blogshare #iatse

Today we're going to talk about a tool we know every techie needs (no it's not gaff tape and cigarettes!)  No when we techies don our tech blacks and enter the darkness of the backstage world there is the one tool we all have on our belts...a flashlight.

Now all my fellow techies will swear by their high priced Maglites with their blue or red lenses that give you enough light to see but keeps stray light off the stage. But these Maglites have their problems. One they all need a heavy amount of batteries to keep charged and they're all so heavy you could use them like a club to smash a stupid actor's skull in. (probably why stage managers like them.) And everyone knows that the one thing you don't always want to be spending money on is a bunch of batteries.

But I found something that threw all those problems out the window. This handy little flashlight is a light, durable, led flashlight that shines a bright blue light that doesn't spill out onstage. And what's better? You shake it up before a show and it charges itself! I've dumped these things in buckets of water, dropped them from the flyrail, and stepped on them and they're still working fine! I love them! You buy them once and they last forever. When I started my own company I ended up buying a lot of them for all of my techies. Now that's money well spent!

So next time that you're getting ready for a show and the batteries in your heavy Maglite are out get yourself a flashlight that makes sure you don't need batteries ever again! Keep it going, people, and rock it out!

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