Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Blog Challenge: Favorite Color and Why

So for today's part of the blogging challenge let's talk about colors. More importantly my favorite colors.  I have a lot of favorite colors. As a designer I have favorite color schemes! But my favorite power color is Red. Not just be cause I like the way it works but because I lately I love how it's been used for powerful things in this world. Let's take a look...

Anyone who's read my blog knows that I have been active in the End it Movement. One of the keys symbols of the movement was the "Red X" that they challenged every body to put as many places as they can. People were drawing them on their hands and putting the photos on instagram but some people were going even farther. You saw Red X's on car windows and t-shirts, lawn art, and even architecture. It was our banner and battle cry.

The red wasn't just a rallying point but a cry for action. And a symbol of community. Red is the color all of us have in common. the color of the blood that runs deep within us. And when I was doing my own work with the movement writing my play, 27 Days, it felt so good to know that there was a great community of people working for the same cause at the same time.

Red is a great color and for the past few months has been a motivator and flag for community. I have other favorite colors but when I wear my red I know that I'm not alone!

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