Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#WriterWednesday: Playwriting Blueprint "Diet"

So last week I pitched my idea about what a good weekly routine for a "primal" playwright is. Now let's talk about what your diet should consist of. Now I know that you're usual diet when you strike out on a writing binge is carbs and a bottle of your favorite adult beverage and I'm okay with that! No today we're going to talk about your mental and spiritual diet. Don't be frightened I'm not going to go all existential on you I'm just going to outline some of the things you as a writer should be digesting in your life.

The Playwright's Primal Blueprint "Diet"

  • Performances: You should be going to see as many performances as you literally and financially can. Jot down what you liked and what you hated. what ideas are you going to steal and which ideas need to die with a fiery passion?
  • People: You should be people watching everywhere you go. Remember you're trying to "observe the world for meaning". What characters are in front of you? If these people were on a stage what would they say?
  • Places: Are you in a cool place? Do you see something strange or ironic about where you are and  what's happening in this place? A funeral home is interesting. A young couple making out in a funeral home is even more interesting.
  • Perspectives: Is there an adventure you can go on or an experiment that you can do that will give you perspective about the world around you? Is there a story you can read or a story that you can hear that will help you understand how someone else's life could be different from yours?
  • Plays: You should be reading everything that you can get your hands on. Some people try to give you a specific list of plays or books that you should be reading. While I think that can sometimes be a good idea I think it's more important that you find writers and genres that you really like. Find an author that you really like and read EVERYTHING that they've ever written. Find the people that inspired them and read them too. Like Mac Wellman says the genius is the person that reads more.
This isn't a hard and fast list of rules. These are just a few of the staples in your daily diet that I believe can make you a great writer. Have any additions to this list? Be sure to post a comment below!

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