Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WriterWednesday: The D6 Exercise #newplay

So here is another writing prompt for you that I've used to create a good first draft. Like all prompts they're used to make you wrap you brain around the problem and not focus on how you need to create a good story. Revision is where you worry about being a good writer. For now you're just writing a first draft. So get a pen and a stack of paper and get busy!

Break Out the Dice

Now it's time to break out the dice. You can do this exercise that I made up with any six sided die. Roll the die each for each scene that you do. Use list A to tell you how many many pages your scene will have. List B will tell you how many characters you'll use. List C will tell you what the scene will be about. This is a great prompt to get you a one-act play or a short story. I've used it several times in my writing projects.

List A
  1. One Page
  2. Four Pages
  3. Six Pages
  4. Two Pages
  5. Three Pages
  6. Five Pages
List B
  1. Two Characters
  2. Six Characters
  3. Four Characters
  4. One Character
  5. Three Characters
  6. Five Characters
List C
  1. A fight scene
  2. A love scene
  3. An explanation
  4. An interrogation
  5. A misunderstanding
  6. An improbable meeting
If you want to use this exercise to help you get a draft for a full length play all you need to do is multiply the numbers in list A by 2. Look out for some later posts about the revision process. That's where the true craft lies.

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