Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why I'm with the #EndItMovement

As any boy born and raised in the South we've all heard of the Civil War and the many seminal government and legislative policies that came about because of it. One of those key pieces of policy was the Emancipation Proclamation that declared all of the slaves held in the South were free.

It was a proclamation that affected everyone in the South no matter what side of the issue that they were on. One person that was affected was my great-great-great-great grandfather on my dad's side of the family. (don't quote me on how many greats) He was a black slave that was impressed to serve the Confederate army near Fort Donelson. Eventually he was even let into service as a servant to a highranking officer. His given name was Richard. When the battle of Fort Donelson commenced he used the commotion to escape and rescue some other slaves along the way. He had nothing to his name when he learned that the Proclamation made him and those with him free. He didn't even have a last name. He eventually found employment in the Appalachian mountains with a nice family that actually deigned to teach him to read and write, (something unheard of at the time). He eventually married and took up the family's last name, Jung. In the early 20th century that name was changed to Young.  And eventually my two sides of the family met when my Mom and Dad married and made me.

And then I learned that slavery isn't dead. The same kind of people that kept my ancestor a slave are still around today. The same kind of economic incentives and sense of entitlement still makes some people feel that they can own a human being and exploit his skills for their gain. When I heard this I made the stand with several other people. No slaves are ever going to work for me. To honor my ancestor I'm not going to allow a world where 27 Million slaves exist in this world. Not in my generation and not ever!

So that's why I chose to stand with the End It Movement and shine a light on slavery. Whatever your reason if you choose to stand with us I want to share with you the call to action to get involved and help get the word out there. You might not have such a personal reason as I do but any reason is a great reason to fight! 

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