Friday, March 8, 2013

Top Ten Rules of Facebook Pages by @DragynAlly

  1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 
  2. Post often. Better to over share than be silent- I post 12 times a day. That's a lot. But people interact with me.
  3. Don't post anything that you may regret- There is nothing on my page I don't want there.
  4. Decide your "share limit" and stick to it- You don't want your family to be on your FB page? Make sure you never share pics of them. Don't want people cursing on your page? Don't curse.
  5. Don't friend fans unless you know them from another aspect of your life
  6. Do not share anything unless you use a share button or have permission or it's yours
  7. Do not use your FB page to run giveaways. It's against terms of service and your page could go bye bye.
  8. When posting as your page remember that you are representing your brand
  9. Don't post the same thing several times in a row. Yes post a lot but diversity is key. Don't post the same pic 10x because you think no one saw it.
  10. Have fun!- It stops being fun reevaluate and make it fun again. If it feels too much like work your fans will tell and they won't engage.
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