Friday, March 15, 2013

Foto Friday: I saw the sign!

This post brought to you by all the signs that you find in life...

I love taking shots of billboards, signs, and marquis from all over the places. I kinda have a small collection started. I do this for two reasons: because for one I'm a dedicated Christian and theatre goer and secondly sometimes they actually have the gall to be witty (how dare they!) 

Show marquis are great! They're so bright and colorful! And when you're trying to get a name or event out there they make great cover photos or instagram photos!

I do a bit of painting and I like old historical Americana of all kinds. This is an old sign from my family's home town of Elkton, KY. This way it has sentimental value and it inspires ideas about new sign painting/set design ideas.

What kind of signs do you like? If you want to see other photos and things that I adore check out my Pinterest here!

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