Thursday, March 14, 2013

27 Days: A #Newplay adventure by R. S. Young!

So if you've been reading the Lounge for a while you should know that Fronkensteen is knee deep in the End It Movement. All this time I've been giving you updates about Abolitionist organizations out there trying to keep up the good fight, and personal reasons why I'm in it to End It.

But I was thinking ever since I came back from the Passion Conference that there was something more that I could do. There are few times when Playwrights and theatre people get to do something so important as to contribute to a worldwide movement like this.

And I was wondering what I was going to do to contribute! And I remember at the talks that they gave and Beth Redman saying that you should ask yourself, "What do I have in my hand that can help stop slavery?" It was then that I knew that I had a blog and that I could use this platform to shout out the End It Movement and the people involved with it.

Then I realized that I'm also a playwright, and a jack of all trades in the theatre. And what I had in my hand was the ability to write a play that could help raise awareness about the plight of human trafficking in the world. It may not be a huge hit or make a million dollars. But it could give abolitionists just like me a tool that they can use to raise awareness, raise money, and make partners in the effort to end slavery in our lifetime.

So for the next twenty-seven days I will be researching human trafficking and gathering stories for a new play called "27 Days". On the 27th day during Shine a Light on slavery Day I'll be spending twenty-seven hours writing this play and chronicling it on my social media. Then it will be posted online for anyone trying to join the cause to use as they wish.

This is my little contribution to the End It Movement. It may not make me famous but it's for a higher purpose than that. If it can just help set at least one slave free... it would be worth more than all the money in the world!

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