Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy #ValentinesDay from Fronkensteen Lounge! #fortheloveof

Life with Tourettes update: It gets better!

So for the first time in a while I'm celebrating Valentines day with someone very special to me. For the past few V-Days I'd done what several lonely bachelors did and moped around. So while I spent this season of love appreciating the new love and significant other I've found I thought I would give another  chapter of my life with Tourettes. 

Romance and Tourettes don't always seem to go together. When I was going through puberty Tourettes hit me hard and for the longest time the hardest thing was relating with other people. You're at this awkward stage where puberty is putting your body through weird changes and then Tourettes comes in as a weird change itself. Relations between me and the "fairer sex" were always strained because of this.

Most girls couldn't look past the Tourettes and see the person underneath. Many, if we were in a public place, couldn't stand the looks and stares I was getting. And then there was the usual social suicide that came with dating "that freak". Needless to say I went through a lot girls that didn't last past three dates.

But then there were some girls that could look past it. There were a lot of girls that could see that there was a real person underneath the "other guy" and want to spend some quality time. But it never seemed like any of those girls who could see the guy I was wanted to build a relationship with me. I just chalked that up to not having "boy with mental disorder" at the top of any girls boyfriend wish list. I went through a lot of years sitting out Valentines Day not thinking there would be any girl out there that would see the real me and want to be in a three way relationship. Me+Her+Tourettes= Not Company.

But then I met a girl who's easily become the love of my life. I never thought that I could meet someone that makes celebrating six months feel like a blissful eternity. And she not only loves me. She's seen my Tourettes and knows what she has to put up with and loves me even more for it! Tourettes isn't the third wheel its a part of me that she loves and adores!

So to those of you who might be trudging through a life where their Tourettes or another neurological disorder is keeping them from love just know that it gets better! There is someone out there for you and wherever you look, no matter how long you have to look, you'll always find love.

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