Monday, February 4, 2013

For the Love of Soap! R2D2 Soap Giveaway!

So dating a fellow blogger is very interesting. For Valentines Day my friend of the girl persuasion said she was sending me a surprise gift. The only catch was that I had to give a review of it for the blog because she was giving another one of them away. I said sure, why not. So imagine my surprise when I open the box and find this little guy waiting for me.
Ready to get clean for the Lounge!
Looks cute doesn't he? He's a little bar of soap shaped like R2D2 from the Star Wars Movies. They're made by Frozen Water Designs on Etsy. They have many geek themed soaps and such that you can totally customize with your favorite colors and scents. You can give them as a gift to your significant other or choose a mixture of His and Hers to give yourself a treat.

So I decided to use the soap when I took a shower and see what I thought about it. Below is a short list  about some positive points.

He matches all my things!
  • The Geek Factor: I love the Star Wars Trilogy! At one point I was even trying to learn to speak Wookie and become a Jedi myself! This little guy brought back a lot of memories for me.
  • The Color: My favorite lightsaber color is blue so I like that the color is blue too. I also like that you can choose you're own color.
  • The smell: My GF found a great scent for me. It made me feel nice and rugged but wasn't overpowering. And it stays with you for a while.
  • The feel: It made my skin feel nice and cozy and didn't dry me out. It also produced a pretty nice lather. I've been a body wash man for too long maybe with these soaps I can be a bar man again!
  • Great Gift Factor: I absolutely loved this gift! I feel it is a great gift to give your main man or lady for a romantic message OR for a fun gift for a casual friend. Just like R2 it's a great gift for any occasion.
He'll always be my copilot!
Theres only one downside to my Little R2D2 though. Knowing that he won't last forever! After just one wash one of his legs popped off. I relegated him to sink duty so that he'll survive longer. Then I just might have to got to Frozen Water Designs and get some more on my own! If you want a chance to win your own geeky soap you can enter at this Rafflecopter below.  Have fun!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Hey guys, the soap was given to me as a gift from my girlfriend and I was asked by her to review it using my own opinions. No one told me what to say at all. Let's hear it for a clean conscience!


  1. I would give one to my husband & the other to my son, they are both huge Star Wars fans.