Tuesday, February 12, 2013

#Enditmovement Update: End It's free digital tool kit

Hey Guys! So for this weeks End It Update I'm not going to talk about a great tool that the End It Movement gives you to help you spread the word!

When you go to the End It Movement's website you have the option to download for free a digital tool kit with lots of professionally made free goodies that will help you spread the world about slavery and human trafficking. Even if you're not a local organization that spreads word about the cause or a celebrity with a thousand twitter followers there are tools in the kit that can help you get the word out! Here's a look at what's inside!

#1 Logos

You have three logos that you have free reign to use however you wish to spread word on your site or social media. You have your choice of black and white and one without words if you're worried about your social media's terms and conditions. You can find an example on the cover photo of my page.

#2 Posters and Rave Cards

Do you want to put up a statement of your stance to End It on a wall? Do you want to have a mess of small cards made to hand out at your next event or whenever you're out on the town? End It gives you two choices of posters and a rave card that you can print out and take with you wherever!

#3 Slavery Facts and the End It Manifesto

Want to inform people with facts about Modern Day Slavery or spread the ideals and goals of the End It Movement? With the PDF's in the toolkit you have free access to facts about slavery and a manifesto with the philosophies and goals that unites everyone in the Movement together! 

#4 Stories

Read the stories of real people that had to endure the harshest cruelties of humanity and how other real people became their heroes and helped them on the road to recovery. I hope that you tear up as much as I do reading these stories and that they inspire you to do something about it like I do!

I encourage you to go to the End It website and download the toolkit. Together we can get the word out about slavey and unite with other people all over the world to say that we will not allow slavery to exist in this world anymore! God Bless!

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