Tuesday, February 19, 2013

#Enditmovement Update: Polaris' Human Trafficking Hotline

So every week until Shine A Light on Slavery Day I'll be posting about the plight about modern day slavery in the world and what great people and organizations out there have been fighting the good fight to end it for good. This week we'll be talking about the Polaris Project. The Polaris Project is one of my top favorite organization out there! Not only do they try to raise awareness of this massive problem in our world but it also offers services and programs that support the boots on the ground in different areas of the nation but mobilize us to make a change and spot slavery where it is. Below is my Top Five Reasons why Polaris is amazing!

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  • The Recources: The Polaris Project offers a website full of resources to help law enforcement agencies, civic organizations, and ordinary citizens spot the warning signs of a human trafficking situation and what the laws and legislation are in their area. There are over 200,000 slaves trafficked in the United States and Polaris gives us the tools to spot it where it is.
  • The Hotline: Polaris runs a 24 hour national hotline that you can call any time of the day to ask for information or give a tip on a potential trafficking incident. Victims of Human Trafficking can  also call to be rescued from their captors. Polaris can get the information you give them directly to your local law enforcement, state, and national agencies.
  • The Legislation: Polaris helps draft and advocate anti-trafficking legislation in state and national government and provide the legal framework that spots slavery and puts the people responsible behind bars. It also advocates the Safe Harbor Laws that treat children forced into sex trafficking as victims and not locked up as criminals.
  • Restoring the Victims: Polaris offers several services to the victims of trafficking such as advocacy, transitional housing, job training, therapy, and medical services. 
  • Crisis Response Teams: Polaris trains boots on the ground and keeps staff members on call to intervene in trafficking cases and offer assistance to law enforcement agencies.
And there are several things that people like you and me can do to raise awareness for this great cause! Polaris wholeheartedly encourages people to put up information about the Hotline and the signs of trafficking everywhere. Imagine if news of this hotline were in every office, church, and store in your community? How much change we could make in this world to eradicate slavery for good!

Borrowed from the Trafficking Resource Center

This job that the Polaris Project does is often a thankless one but I call them complete SUPERSTARS for doing this work. I offer my sincere thanks to all of the men and women at the Polaris Project for fighting the good fight and hanging in there!


Hey guys! This is an unsolicited shoutout of an organization that I think is awesome! No one asked me or paid me to say such nice things about people. This means that all the nice things I say about them are my own! Originality Rocks!

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