Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Writer Wednesdays: Just get out and write!

One of the biggest excuses that I get from fellow writers is that it's so hard start writing a new play/book/song. After a brief period of writer's block myself I've found myself making the same lousy excuse. I recently got started on a new project and feel revitalized. So I decided to offer some tips for all those writers out there that are having trouble getting a draft out of the brain and onto the paper.

Steal a Draft: And no I don't mean go off and steal someone else's work. But if you need to steal someone else's words that's fine. For my latest draft I took a stack of Reader's Digests and made a script writing random sentences for each character's line. At the end of the exercise I had a bunch of random thoughts and gibberish, but I had a good story idea and my juices were perked up. I'm on the second rewrite on paper and soon will be ready to type it out. All from borrowing someone else's words!

The point of writing a draft is so that you have a stack of paper about an inch thick. And you're going to rewrite it several times anyway! So don't worry about being good. You're draft will be changed a million times through rewrites. You just have to get to that stage.

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