Monday, January 21, 2013

Theatre Rant: Becoming the "Evil Corporation"

So a while ago on the blog you saw me talking about what I call "The Walmartization of the Theatre Industry". If you didn't read the article it was about this perceived notion that all theatre and art is created in these little hubs like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. and that all that the other regional theatres are just little affiliates for the work created there. So little original work is being sponsored or local artists being hired that people feel that they have to move from their respective towns and go to the big cities to get work. And what does that do to the artistic industries of the communities that are there?

But I feel that a lot of people felt that I was attacking those cities that became centers for the arts. I have lots of friends and colleagues that work in the New York and Chicago worlds. In all fairness it's just a little bit easier to be a starving artist in the bigger cities than anywhere else. You may even be able to upgrade to only semi-starving in a few years. But you get valuable connections other artists and help people make it easier. No what I really wanted to highlight was that instead of moving away and playing by their rules why don't we all recognize the times that we're in and find out that we can be our own "evil corporations".

With the power of the internet and modern technology there are plenty of ways that artists can get their names and product out there. Want people to see your body of acting work? Put an acting reel up on youtube and put your resume out there on a personal website. Are you a playwright that just can't get published? There are several binding and printing machines out there to get you a really good bound play. Or follow the Charles Mee format and publish all of your plays online in your own website. Showcase your design work and portfolio. Make prints of your designs and sell t-shirts.

Whether you want to get yourself hired or get your work out there look for ways that you can get your work out there WHERE YOU ARE! How can you be an entrepreneur and fund yourself and your art without trudging the path that everyone's going down. Get yourself out there and get people talking about you! That's where the business lies!

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