Tuesday, January 1, 2013

R. S. Young's New Years Resolution!

By the time that you read this it's already a new year and looking forward to a blank slate. Today I'm on my way to the Passion Conference in Atlanta where forty-thousand plus college students and young adults are going to be converging on the Phillips arena and hearing great Christian Music and speakers and learning what we can do to make the world a better place. I thought while we're all thinking about how to start this New Year and get things going I'd list some of my New Years resolutions for my company, my blog, and my personal art.

Ricky's 2013 Resolutions

  • 5 production credits: This was something that came from me being completely honest with myself. I still consider myself a Journeyman in my craft (to the rest of you out there that's halfway between an apprentice and a master) I know what I'm doing but I feel like there are still some tools that I'm lacking and some experience that I haven't had that will make me feel accomplished. I'm in Grad School for Playwriting now and I feel that all the academics and foundation is there. As I was taking stock of myself I thought that if I just had 10 more resume credits over the next two years I would finally feel like an accomplished artist.
  • Start Raising Capital: Those production credits don't come cheap. While I have a day job and some money coming in I have to face the fact that I'm just a broke Grad Student who could use some money to get started. This will come from all sorts of avenues: Indigogo, a Cafepress store, merch, sponsors, ad sales and all that sort of stuff. But it still seems that the list of things that I need outweigh the things I have. I still need to pay for and register my business name and start gathering equipment. Also setting up a Paypal account would be a good idea. I still have to keep plugging on with all of this even without the money. But establishing revenue streams up front give me the freedom to do what I need.
  • Step forward as Producer/Consultant: It wasn't until the summer of last year that I finally realized that I really love being a producer. I produce my own work all the time and have produced other people's work in the past. I'd love to get more into producing for concerts, dance companies, and maybe some independent film. As a Jack of All Trades I have skills that give me an edge over producers who can just write the checks. I will always love theatre and live performance but I would like to help people get started in all of the arts.
  • Step out of the Musician/Performer Closet: I really like solo performance and have always tinkered around with making my own stringed instruments and playing Delta Blues, Bluegrass, and Nineties Rock/Grunge. Over the summer I stepped on the stage with one of my homemade instruments and played for the very first time, the crowd response was wonderful. After that I decided I was going to hit more open mic nights and start doing some one man shows. I'm working on one for the summer before I go back to grad school. Here's hoping that it gets to happen.
New Years are all about new beginnings and I want my new beginning to have me pointed forward. I want to be moving forward and upward but above all keep focused on improving my art, my craft, my life, and myself. 

Happy New Year and God Bless,

R. S Young or "Dr. Fronkensteen"

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