Friday, January 18, 2013

Life With Tourettes: But Life is Fine!

In the past few weeks as I've been blogging about my life with Tourettes I've been blogging a lot about the hardships, about the negative things that marked my life for a long time getting to where I am. And yes I have had my struggles and there are still some obstacles that I face. But I found that if I only dwell on the bad things then you don't get an accurate view of my life. It's cleansing to purge the bad stories but I also want to offer some hope.

When people often ask me what Tourettes is most like I tell them that it's a lifestyle that you have to grow into. It's a way of thinking and living, you can't change it but when you learn to live with it then you actually start living.

Or you can call it inner-tubing down a stream. If you try going up the stream you'll go nowhere. But if you allow it to sweep you along you'll find that you'll end up where you wanted to be anyway.

The important thing is to stop thinking that your life is over just because you have this Constant Companion that you share a body with. You have to live with some stares and a little bit of ridicule but when you just "embrace the chaos" you'll come out with something very few people have. Actual maturity and empathy.

To all of you people out there who may be struggling just know that life isn't always rough. You and Tourettes are going to be having a love hate relationship for awhile. But I promise that it does get better after all. And I promise that in future posts I'll let you see that.

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