Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fronkensteen Joins the End It Movement

So last week I joined sixty thousand other young adults at the Passion Conference in Atlanta's Georgia Dome it was a great time of music, celebration, and talks about human trafficking in the modern day and biblical topics. All told all of those "broke" college students raised over THREE MILION dollars to fund several organizations that work to prevent modern day slavery, rescue it's victims, and prosecute the offenders.

 To think that all of us could be a part of history in the making, enough to get the attention of CNN and the White House. Was such a great feeling. And then I learned that part of the money that we donated was going to fund a grassroots movement all over the world called the End It Movement. Over the entire summer college students on campuses all over the world and several organizations will be working non stop to raise awareness to the plight of the 27 million slaves in bondage all over the world. And the folks at the End it Movement are asking any organization or individual to help in any way that they can, especially with their big event on April 9th called "Shine A Light on Slavery Day".

So Fronkensteen is throwing it's hat into the ring. We're already working on planning an event of our own on April Ninth and you'll be seeing special blog posts dedicated to the movement as we try to make you aware of this ongoing problem.

 Doing a pretty show is great. But doing a show that will impact the world in a unique way is one of the greatest things you can do in this world. I beg each of you guys to go to the website and the websites of the movement's partners and see what you can do to raise awareness yourself. And be sure to join with Fronkensteen on the blog, social media, or in person at our event. Together we can be a force for good in this world!

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