Tuesday, January 29, 2013

End it Update: International Justice Mission

Today we're going to be talking about yet another organization out there that works to end human trafficking for good. Today we're talking about the International Justice Mission, an organization that works all over the world to advocate laws and legislation that spots and ends human trafficking, rescues the victims, and puts the people responsible behind bars. So let's talk about a couple of the things that these good people do.

IJM works with governments in the world with developing legal systems to intervene in trafficking and slavery cases, provides a structure to protect at-risk populations, and make their local governments respond to trafficking and slavery in professional and effective manner.

My favorite thing that they do is ensure perpetrator accountability. Imagine that you lived in a country that wasn't as fortunate as we are in the United States and that no one was prosecuted for committing horrible crimes of injustice. Imagine that the police in your area weren't well equipped or trained to bring the perpetrators to justice and build cases airtight enough to keep them in jail. We live in a country where these things are a given. When someone breaks the law here we expect them to be arrested, prosecuted, and put them in jail for a long time. It's a system that has worked for over two hundred years and we take it for granted everyday!

IJM works in places where this hasn't always been a certainty. They work in places with legal systems that have been recently established to give them the tools to establish justice in their communities and to advance justice in the world! They have operations in Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda, Guatemala, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and South Asia.

If you want to learn more about how you can advance the cause of IJM, give funds, or look up career opportunities look at their website right here!  You can also be a part of their Stand for Freedom on March 5-15 to raise awareness and funds for the cause! My hat's off to everyone at IJM! God Bless and keep working for the cause!

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