Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Easy Ways to get into Producing

So part of New Years Resolution was to get into producing. I first got into it out of necessity when I was directing my own work and or directing someone else's. I found out that I loved it. I always loved being an entrepreneur and taking charge of y own business and finances. But after a few little failures running my own company I started to lose my confidence a bit. But this was the year that I knew I had to pick myself up and do it again. Because the bitter reality is no shows=no money. Even when you're trying to develop a new format due to the changing times there is only so much theoretical work that you can do. You have to get out there and start experimenting and that's all the Fronkensteen is about!

So here are a couple of ideas that I had that could get me just starting out in the world of producing. They're not the fast track to becoming the next George Lucas, Spielberg, or Devlin but they'll get me into the feel of everything and also get a little money coming in. Even a trickle is good.

  • Host Talent Shows/Open Mic Nights: I'm actually MCing one of these tonight at my church. These are great because you get to make connections with a lot of new talent and make new friends. I was also thinking about starting up a No Shame (a special format or "franchise" for open mic nights) in my own town. 
  • Host Art/Theatre Parties: What is a producer but someone hosting a big party. These don't take a whole lot of commitment except for one night and you can turn it into a benefit for your favorite charity or cause. Get all of your friends and work your contacts and get everyone doing something. 
  • Contact Existing Groups: There are several organizations in my area that already do shows and benefits/fundraisers and they always need help. If I have a few skills or resources that can help them have a better event maybe I can barter a production credit for helping them out. Theatre and art should be building community anyway. It's something that we've forgotten over time.
  • Reach out to Independent Film Companies: There are some theatre people that will hate me for what I'm about to say... Theatre and Film need to have closer ties. They're two separate art forms but they share actor and talent pools and resources. If I can do my best to help them out and get them better connections or do better work then that's getting my name out there and getting me a good reputation. Even just volunteering for a walk on role or filling a need is great. 
Like I said these things aren't going to make you me a big time producer overnight. But they will help me get the confidence and get my name out there. I really just need that adrenaline rush to get me pumped and ready to take on even more.

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