Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Writer Wednesdays: Hero vs. Villains 2

What makes a great Villain?

  • A good villain does everything that you have always wanted to do but are afraid too. He's ultimately a wish fulfillment. Have you always wanted power? Sex appeal? The ability to crush everyone who's ever wronged you? That's everything a good villain has.
  • A good villain is all of your fears personified: A villain is everything that makes you squirm, you're nightmares realized. 
  • A good villain is the personification of injustice or evil in the world: Villains are always the representatives of the unpopular side of society. In the past the villains were robber barons and foreigners, now the villains are ceos. As society changes our villains change.
  • A good villain is a personification of morality: This might sound a little counter-productive. Or maybe the more accurate description is that the villain personifies the breaking of a MORAL RULE. Take the classic horror example... A couple making out in the back of a car...the man with the hook for a hand comes by to slaughter them. Why? Because they were breaking the rules. A good villain comes to punish us for our past sins.
  • A good villain is the personification of amorality: A villain does everything that society thinks is wrong and has fun doing it. He even makes fun of people that play by the rules.
  • A good villain is the personification of a certain philosophy: a good example of this is the Joker and Two Face from The Dark Knight. One is the epitome of anarchy, the other the epitome of chance and blind luck. The conflict between the villain and the goodguy becomes the struggle between two ideals.

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