Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nick Guess Who Review and Nickelodeon Giveaway!

Here are the bullet points of my Nick Guess Who Game Review

Who here doesn't like a few un-boxing pictures? 
So I've been a Nickelodeon Fanboy for ever and know just about everything about all the shows and characters. (I'm often known to sing out all the songs shamelessly in public too). So it was my pleasure to review the Nick Guess Who game for DragynAlly when she asked me too. It's already become a welcome addition to my game collection and it's going to be yours too! I just know it! Here are some points below.

Here's how the main pieces look out of the box. 

I was so glad to get these things, especially knowing that iCarly and Victorious are in their last seasons. These games make me feel that somehow the great memories of watching these shows are still going to be with me every time I play the game. 

This game is so easy to put together! Very little assembly required!


  • The Game is a great package for kids, has all of your favorite characters from the Nick Universe!
  • Parents will find this the easiest assembly ever! A pair of nail clippers and an emery board is all that you need to get the pieces apart and within three minutes you're ready to play!
  • This is an awesome game for all the Nick fans. Not only can you narrow choices down to things like hair color and age. You can also show of your Nick know-how in your questions (ex. is your mystery character a domineering "puppet"? If I met you character in an alley would they slap me with a stick of butter in a sock?" 

Me and my Brother Playing a Quick Game


  • The trap doors that hide your answers have a slight problem staying open when you want them to. I know that I would keep knocking them over all the time. This is a game made for little fingers.
  • Because all of the characters are so well known and there are only two sheets of them game play goes very fast before you've gone through all of them. And there isn't a lot of strategy involved. This is a game made for quick fun.

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