Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from Fronkensteen Lounge!

I've kinda had a soft spot for Christmas ever since I was born. In fact Christmas was the start of my acting career. At the very first Living Christmas Tree Pageant at my old church I was the Baby Jesus. I was only a month old, I was born a month premature, yellow with jaundice, and just out of the hospital. So what did my mother do? She put me in a show. There are no pictures of me that I can find wrapped in swaddling clothes being held by a young lady playing Mary, barely in this world playing none other than the infant  Jesus Christ. All I have is stories told by my mother and several other ladies from the church.

And that was where my acting career kicked off. I actually put it on my resume for a couple of years because of it's double take potential. I never had time to prepare for the role, and how do you prepare for such a role anyway? But I took the stage when I was called for and did what was needed.

And that's not much more different than how my life is now. I sit here. Christmas all but come and gone and when I look ahead at my life for the coming year I feel a slight bit of trepidation. I have a goal that I set for myself, 10 production credits in two years and I know that somehow my company is going to figure out how to do it. I'm going to be working on my thesis by then and this is the make or break time. I have to figure out how to make money in my trade and keep moving forward. I've spent my time  preparing in college but now, just like all those years ago I just have to take the stage and go.

So to all of you fellow artists out there I wish you a very Merry Christmas. Relish in your family and friends and loved ones and the period of togetherness that you have. Don't let the task ahead make you afraid of moving forward. Pursue your craft without shame and do the best that you can. Be ready to embrace the new year with pride.

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