Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Writer Wednesdays: Heroes vs. Villains

So these days with the advent of The Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, other Superhero Movies, the local news, etc., we have a pretty good idea about what makes a good superhero and an awesome villain. Bur how do we write them? Is there a "recipe" for a good villain or hero? Well while I'm still looking for that great recipe myself here are some of the observations I've made while playing both heroes and villains and making putting them into my plays. I'll also give you some writing exercises to craft the best heroes and villains ever!

Batman, a hero with plenty of demons.

What makes a great Hero?

Perseus was sent on a quest to achieve his destiny.

  • A good hero is an everyman (someone we can all identify with). He should be someone that we could all see our selves in.
  • A good hero has demons to deal with. There are either dark tragedies in the past or sins that he's not proud of.  The hero's story is a story of retribution.
  • A good hero has a debt that must be paid back or an crime that must be avenged. The need to relieve that debt or have revenge is so great. The hero's story is a story of revenge.
  • A good hero has wounds. A hero is always scarred from past battles or has an injury that cries out to be made well. The hero's story is a story of healing.
  • A good hero has a destiny: A good hero has a calling to be answered, a journey to start. He must fulfill that destiny at all costs. The hero's story is a story of reaching your potential.
  • A good hero has talents: A hero has hidden talents that he never thought that he had before or always took for granted. At the end of the story the hero's talents will become super powers to let him win the day.  The hero's story is a story of finding your super powers.
  • A good hero has flaws: A hero has tragic flaws that keep him from achieving his true potential. Over the course of the story the hero will get past these flaws to win the day. The hero's story is a story of overcoming your shortcomings.
The Lone Ranger was a man that righted the wrongs of others.

Look here soon for ideas about what makes a great Villain also look for great writing exercises to help you create your own heros and villains.
The Leverage team is the heroes of today. And everyone can relate to them.
Who are some of your favorite heroes? Let me know in the comments below.

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