Friday, November 30, 2012

Hitting That (Blogging) Brick Wall

Most of you might know this lovely lady already. It's my pleasure to announce DragynAlly, she has lovingly volunteered to offer us on advice and all things social media. As artists who depend on people knowing who we are we need to be on top of social media and maintain a good web presence.  And since I'm still an apprentice to the blogging world who better to give us the scoop than a pro. And did I mention she's a looker? I now turn it over to her...

R. S. Young

DragynAlly on Blogging

Hey all! I'm DragynAlly, R.S. Young's social media coordinator and girlfriend... Yes I know. But I digress.

One of my professors said that being an artist is like running into a brick wall at full speed and hoping you can get it to move an inch. Blogging is very similar.

Because I work with Ricky to help him build up his social media and blogging presence I often give him a list of things to do and expect that he will do them. But recently he admitted that he was lost... And worse yet felt like he let me down.

I had to take a step back and realize that he has reached his first brick wall. And if his blogging experience is anything like mine it would be the first of many. I forget that his site is not even 2 months old and my own site The Dragyn's Lair turned 2 this past August. In blogger years that's like 20. I'm telling him all of the stuff I know often forgetting how much I went through to reach this point.

I hit my first brick wall really early in the game when one of my first big  blog projects was a giveaway that didn't seem to be going as planned. I wanted to cry and give up right there. But I kept running into that brick wall and it moved. Just a little bit but it boosted my confidence which allowed me to keep going.

As I sit here writing this I am at another brick wall. It's telling me what I do doesn't matter and no one really cares. It's telling me to give up blogging and find a "real" job. It's telling me every negative thing it can to keep me from running into it with all my might. But I will anyway.

What I realize (and what Ricky still needs to learn) is that the moment you walk away and the moment the wall moves are about the same time. Not always. But if I had given up any of those times I would have never seen what I was capable of.

2 years into the blog game and I have a site that gets over 13,000 hits a month and is steadily growing. I have made connections with bloggers and other people in my field that have lead to opportunities I never dreamed possible. And sat 2 years in this is only the beginning.

Consider this as well with your art or any adventure you undertake. It may seem like you are running into a brick wall and BOY does it hurt! But keep at it. Keep hitting that wall. I promise you it'll move.

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