Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Elsewhere: A Review of the Artwork of Kaydee Elaine

When you go to any art gallery reception...especially a senior exhibit, there are certainly some things that you expect. But you don't expect to see a combination of and epic cityscapes and sweeping country side, cute little pictures that look like animation cells from a fantasy cartoon, eerie vicious creatures, and... blood splatters on the wall!?! All of these things encompass the work of Kaydee Elaine. 

There are some things that you expect when you go to an exhibition of student work. But I kept having to ask myself...was this the work of a student or a true story teller telling her stories through brilliant artwork? 
 I found a lot of great things in Kaydee's work. I happened to meet her when I popped my head into the Student Gallery at Austin Peay State University in the Trahern Building. We got to talk and exchange information and she got to share a lot of insight about the artwork and her hopes for the future.

All the artwork in the exhibit are from  a story that Kaydee is writing combining fantastical elements, horror and philosophy. Very much a devotee to the idea that some concepts are best communicated through a picture and some through writing Kaydee tried to weave a brilliant narrative in her artwork where words seem necessary. 

All of the artwork is light and dark at the same time. In one image a city is burning and people are dying. A dark and uncaring city lies in the background while a hungry bright fire lights up the sky.

In another a bright and happy valley is disturbed by the blood and gore of characters being mauled by neolithic creatures. The odd textures of a fantastical utopia being rent to pieces by forces of darkness... well in other words it's just plain awesome!


Some authors have a fascination of gore. Lord knows that there is certainly a market for it. As for Kaydee's plans after school? "Seattle and Chicago are real centers of the art world. If everything goes well I could move there. Otherwise..." She shrugs her shoulders... "I'll go where the work is."

So some of you could be asking me... Why are you reviewing an art exhibit when this is a theatre blog! The answer being that in the theatre world we work with all of the other arts. From painters, to dancers, to musicians all of them can be called upon to bring our vision to life. And like you saw me doing above anything can inspire us to create work. Sometimes an image, a song, or a puppet show can give you the push you need to make your next work.

If you want to get in touch with Kaydee for questions or to give her work you can email her at kaydee@kaydeeelaine.com if you want to offer a shout out about her work leave a comment below!

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